Deck Refinishing by Teak Master

Teak master is the premier deck refinishing service serving Orange County. We’ve been in business for more than 18 years and have helped thousands of satisfied customers bring back the natural beauty of their deck. No matter your needs we can help, from a weathered gray deck to mold growth, we can clean, sand, brighten and seal your deck back to beautiful.

Decks have added value to homes for years. Extensions of indoor living spaces, they offer the casual outdoor ambiance people in Southern California appreciate nearly year-round. Using high-quality wood can help extend the life of a deck for years, but inevitably maintenance will be needed. Choosing a good professional deck restoration company is of paramount importance. An inexperienced or unqualified company can damage the deck so that it can never be restored to its original state. Homeowners can be assured that choosing a company such as Deck Refinishing Orange County for their wooden deck refinishing Newport Beach is a wise decision. Teak Master restoration professionals have been in business for years and we know how to properly treat a hardwood deck.

It’s important to use the proper materials when a deck is being refinished. Decks are made from a large variety of hardwoods, from redwood to black cherry to teak. The different woods require different sealers. A deck restoration professional will know which sealer to use. To begin, a good refinishing company will make any necessary deck repair. Then the professionals clean an unsealed deck to remove any fungus growth, stains and the gray appearance that is a result of weathering. A deck that has already been sealed will need to be stripped of any old sealers, then cleaned. Next, the deck is sanded to make sure the sealer properly penetrates the wood. This prevents the deck from cracking or peeling, or fading quickly. Finally, the sealer appropriate for the wood is applied.

A professional restoration company has the expertise and experience to do a multitude of restoration jobs. Garage doors, spas and gazebo floors benefit from refinishing and resealing. The professional refinishers can also refinish indoor hardwood floors if needed. Teak flooring is a specialized service the refinishing company offers. Although many people like do-it-yourself projects, teak refinishing is a job that is best left to the professionals. Professional refinishers know which products to use, how to work with the stripping chemicals, and how to match teak wood colors. Depending on the degree of refinishing needed, the professionals can give the floor a simple buffing to remove surface scratches and then seal the floor, or provide a thorough sanding, then stain and seal the floor.

Making the choice to use a professional refinishing company like Deck Refinishing Orange County will insure that a deck will last for years and look like it was just installed.
Teak Master has helped thousands of customers refinish their tired decks throughout Orange County and we want to help you. Contact us today for a consultation and we’ll help restore your deck.